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Early 2011 Model: A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor

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Mojave better than High Sierra 10.13-6? Is it worth the effort?

with apple support long gone, what can Mojave provide for my 2011 MBP? Thank you.

Update (02/10/24)

Thanks to Ifixit I was able to get my MBP up and running after the crash. I did replace the 16gb of ram with newer and an 480gb SSD both from OWC, and a couple of more upgrades thanks to the folks here on IFixit. Replacing the macOS HIghSierra 10.13.6 onto the HD was a bit of a struggle for a newB such as myself, I finally had to order a thumb drive off of Amazon to bring the MBP back to life. But It seems to be lacking and I know losing Firefox didn't help either. Am considering moving up to a later model MBP but before I do I may want to try the mac OS Mojave first. Suggestions and opinions always welcome, Thanks!

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Each progressive OS build either corrects or adds things. From security issues to a new feature.

But with each release you run the risk of the footprint of the running code (in memory) is greater than what you have for RAM which then pushes into Virtual Ram space within your drives storage space. This in turn pushes you to a larger drive and/or go with faster drive technology (HDD to SSD).

The last factor is the API’s the Applications you want to run need. As Apple loves to push things you might find the App you want requires a newer OS. Even still some newer hardware features won’t be present in your older system.

So strictly answering your question: High Sierra’s footprint is smaller than Mojave.

Now to really mess you up! You aren’t limited to what Apple forces you to do giving up your system as they don’t support it with the newer OS’s. Here we can cheat! Using what is called a Shim Service which translates the newer API calls to hopefully compatible older API calls allowing you to install a newer OS on your system and run newer Apps which need newer API support. There are a few most are free or a small fee.

But there is a warning here! You need to build a bootable drive with the OS installer/s and be aggressive with your backups as any security or maintenance update could mess you up so you need to rebuild everything. And if the developer stops supporting the Shim service you might be at the end of the road. Depending on your needs this maybe worth the risks!

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Hey there!

What @danj mentions above is very true! But, if you do want to try running macOS Mojave, here's how to do it:

How to install macOS Mojave on Unsupported Macs

I have used this patcher on my MacBook Late 2008, Aluminum, and it worked pretty well. But, to make it run better, I installed OpenCore on my Mac, and then used only the "Legacy Video Patch" from the patcher. Mojave ran smoothly on my Mac, and I had no issues stability wise.

Installing OpenCore on Mac Guide #3

Now, here are the problems you will encounter: Firstly, the DVD Player app is useless. Despite lots and lots of research, I never found a solution for the DVD Player. So, you will have to find a third-party DVD Player app. Now, you may deal with the iSight / FaceTime Camera not working. This has been hit and miss for me. But, if you run Mojave with the OpenCore patcher, do not run the "Legacy iSight Patch", and you shouldn't have any issues. Also, Apple News will not run until you install the "NewsCL" patch.

Also keep in mind that this Mac model does not have metal graphics, and it is recommended the macOS Mojave runs with metal.

Worst case, make a backup of everything, and roll back to High Sierra if something horrible happens.

Mac OS X Görseli


How to install macOS Mojave on Unsupported Macs



1 - 2 hours

OpenCore Görseli


Installing OpenCore on Mac Guide #3


Çok kolay

1 - 2 minutes

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