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Model A1369, 1.6, 1.7, or 1.8 GHz Processor, 64, 128 or 256GB Flash Storage

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Screen Replacement 2011 MacBook Air

I need my screen replaced and want to find a reputable service. Unfortunately, my eyesight and hand control are not good enough to allow me to work with the small parts. Has anyone found a quality provider to replace the screen?

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I'm in the same boat. Yesterday I woke up to find a "spider" crack in the center bottom of my screen. I feel sick now. If the apple store will fix it for $400, why on earth would you spend $600 just for the part?

13" Display Assembly


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Hello, sorry for the late answer.

I ordered the replacement from the service was very good. They gave me also a pentalobe screwdriver and some screws for free. I asked for photos and for returning policy and they supported me in all.

They shipped on Friday and the replacement arrived on Tuesday (China to Italy). The assembly (I ordered the full assembly as I broke the bezier on the back of the LCD while trying to replace only the screen) looked like the original and the installation was really easy (Don't follow the full guide on ifix it, you don't need to remove the motherboard, you only need to disconnect airport and magsafe board and you can the unwire the airport antennas cables by removing only one screw from the motherboard).

After some time I ended up in a full working macbook identical to the original.

I paid the full assembly 370USD with shipping (the piece was 320USD), while the lcd screen was 140 USD.

Hope it helps.

Here are some picture of the final work

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


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@Andrea, Did you end up ordering the replacement from the chinese stores? When I looked (most of them were on Alibaba or, they looked like they had a matte finish and not the glossy finish. In other words, they looked like cheap knock-offs. I too have a pretty bad scratch in my mid-2011 13" MacBook Air (A1369) and I'm looking at some alternatives for replacement other than the $400-450 official Apple repair option. Would like to know how it turned out for you.


I found those 2 chinese stores that sells the lcd or the full assembly:

The first is

They have the LCD only for about 180USD and the full top assembly for about 400USD

The second store is

Like the first they have assembly (330USD) or lcd only (140USD)

I am now waiting for the final offer for the second shop and then I'll order it, When the product arrive I will update this answer.


Nice! Thanks for the follow up with pics! Glad you had a good experience and that it wasn't too difficult to replace. Does the screen have a glossy finish just like the original, or does it have a matte finish?


@Andrea - Did you have to replace your backlight too? I went to the website and didn't see the part. Should I just email them?



If you replace the whole assembly everything gets replaced. But if you replace just the LCD boy you better have a lot of experience and take your time.

I did just the lcd a few months ago and it was a pita! The back light is attached to the back panel. The LCD is separate and really well glued to the bezel/back light.

Easy route - replace the whole assembly

Hard route - replace just the LCD.

I did the hard route.. Turned out quite well actually, but mind you I have experience.

You would need to remove the bezel without bending it, remove the lcd without damaging the back light layers or the LED cable and then reassemble everything.


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If you don't want to try it youself, the best choice would be just any Apple store in your neighbourhoud I guess. They can give you guarantee on the repair

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