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Apple's mainstream 2020 iPhone was released October 23rd and comes with a 6.1" OLED display, a dual 12 MP camera system, and in five available colors. Successor to the iPhone 11.

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A problem was detected with TrueDepth camera. FACE ID has been disable

So I fell in some water and my iPhone 12 was completely submerged for a few minutes. I dried it out in some rice overnight but FaceID has stopped working. Apple wants £200 to fix it which seems a lot for an old phone.

I read and article on saying it's impossible to repair the Dot Projector ? TrueDepth camera not working after water damage, any hope? -

"Unfortunately, the dot projector seems to be one of those parts that are particularly susceptible to water damage and ultimately non-repairable. Well, at least not for us average joes. There is one guy, Phyrne, that seems to be associated with the rework company REWA that has fixed one, but man, it's way beyond what most of us can do. "

My question is how do I know if the water damage hasn't damaged the infrared camera, proximity sensor, flood illuminator, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone, 7MP camera or Dot Projector?

Next question what do these "Re-progammers" do that I keep hearing about online?

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If the phone still turns on you can test the camera, speaker and microphone. The Face ID normally gets replaced with all of the other facial recognition stuff.

I think the reprogrammers only work if the Face ID is still intact (however I’m not sure about that). You shall ask google or something cuz I don’t want to give false information Also don’t put your phone in rice as it doesn’t work well just use something like a microfiber cloth as rice can get stuck in the ports

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