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Apple's mainstream 2020 iPhone was released October 23rd and comes with a 6.1" OLED display, a dual 12 MP camera system, and in five available colors. Successor to the iPhone 11.

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Face ID And True tone Disabled

Hi, so I got an iphone 12 from somebody that disconnected the front ear speaker because he said that the cable is broken and the problem is of course the face id because when I try to set it up it says "Face ID is not available, Try setting up Face ID later. And my question is theres a way if i connect the broken cable to the motherboard again will I regain the face id and the true tone function back ?(I know probably it is a stupid question but i am very curious because I have an iPhone x which has the same problem, but on the iPhone x I can t even tap on the "set up Face id" because it says something like "a problem has been detected with your true depth camera"....blah...blah).

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Hello, the person who disconnected the ear speaker probably did that because (I don’t now exactly) but I heard that if it’s broken the phone will bootloop but probably when he/she did that he/she probably broke the Face ID and true tone or if there is a new display installed the True Tone will also stop working. So if you reconnect the ear speaker the phone will probably bootloop again. You can try buying a new ear speaker but it won’t help the Face ID or True Tone. If the Face ID is broken it can’t just be repaired however if you are lucky he/she also disconnected the Face ID sensor, if you reconnect it it should work again

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