The phone has a flickering green screen of death.

The phone was dropped, the whole backglass is shattered, but it was working after, then was placed in the bathroom and exposed to hot water vapor from the shower. It was not directrly sprayed onto with water. When I took the phone it booted up and was working normally, then all of a sudden the flickering appeared. I managed to remove the display without damaging it and found out that there are some bubbles of air or water(not sure) under this black plastic film on the back of the display. Could this be the problem? The screw that I pointed to was almost unscrewed, but I think nobody has ever repaired the phone. I would try and soak the whole board in 99% IPA(maybe scrub it with a soft brush) to see if that would change anything. How do you suggest to proceed?


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I recently discovered this video: The guy explains in detail how to fix the issue but I'm not sure it is a permanent fix.

These two videos are also interesting:

I managed to fix the issue by following the instructions of the videos. I will update if the phone dies again.


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