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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, better pixel density, and a better design.

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Why won't any of my games work

I just bought a 3ds from Japan, it has been region unlocked but none of the games I have work in it. the pins aren't dirty or anything, but when I load a game it just says 'DS card can't be recognised. Please end the game and start again' or the screen just goes completely black and I have to turn it off and on again.

Ive tried googling but I can't find anything really related to this and I not sure what to do

does anyone know any way to fix this or have I just lost a load of money, I could send it back and get a refund but id still be losing money cause of the import tax :'(

can anyone help?

Update (02/20/24)

@rebtech it comes up with this

Block Image

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Booted from CTRNAND

Are you missing your sd card?


@rebtech I don’t know anything about this sorta stuff, I bought it like this and it has no sd card or anything

I have ordered a as card for it though


Oh yeah, that's not good. You need the sd card. Booting Luma from CTRNAND is only for emergency purposes in case your sd card dies or the like. Under normal circumstances Luma runs from the sd card. Because you don't have the sd card you are missing the Luma and the god mode 9 files. Not to mention you have no place to install title updates or seeds. I'm guessing this is your issue. You got sold an "incomplete" hacked 3ds, incomplete because the seller with held the sd card. :(


@rebtech am I not able to put the same files on a new sd card or would it not work?


Yes that will work. Just follow the hacking guide. From this point:

Then afterwards do this for god mode9:

Don't use sd cards larger than 128gb, make sure to format it to fat32. You'll need to use a different tool to format sd cards larger than 32gb windows wont do it natively.


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The only way games could be region unlocked is if it's been jailbroken. The question is which style of jailbreak was used and how long ago was it done. This will help determine what to check and how to proceed. Figure this out first.

With the 3ds off press and hold select, then press power. What happens?

Have a read here.


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