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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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My husband dropped it and bent the corner and cracked the screen

Corner got bent and cracked the screen so all it had was color lines are black screen had someone that has fixed other Apple devices for me take it to fix it and then tells me it’s not fixable which he replaced the screen and I think the casing but now won’t do anything. This is my husband iPad I only wanted it fixed because I lost him last April unexpectedly. Just wanted his iPad please help

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Hello Kimberly

If the iPad was dropped and showing a blank screen and was replaced and continued to display lines and or a blank screen it maybe damage to the logic board that would require skilled technical board work. However as a technician myself I highly recommend you get a second or even third opinion on this repair from somewhere else. If it still isn't fixable and you would like to get data recovery from the iPad e.g photos, videos or other info that isn't on iCloud and is on the device there are plenty of repair shops that offer data recovery services.

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Thank you for responding back to me. Well that’s what I was wondering because yes it had the colored lines and now it won’t charge and all he said is it was not fixable but never said he replaced the screen are the back. Live in a small town and not a lot of places around that work on Apple.


@kimberlyhmr There are many mail in services on websites such as eBay or other websites that allow you to send your device into a shop via the postal service for a technician to fix it and then send it back to you. essentially you would post the device to them and pay them the required amount and a postage charge for them to post it back to you. However this type of service does come at a higher cost but its convenience often outweighs the cost these services are great for those living in rural or smaller towns. I would highly suggest looking into this service. The same goes for data recovery services if the device can't be fixed there are mail in services for that as well.


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