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Can I clean the case with ultrasonic cleaner?

I already have an ultrasonic cleaner, I know the speakers are sensitive to the cleaner, so I will do that manually, but the case is dirty too, and has some rust or metallic dirt ( I guess, it is only visible on those spots)over the magnets, which are really hard to remove ( I tried but It made only a little difference) so I thought that I could use the ultrasonic cleaner with soap like chemical and deep clean it, then submerge it in alcohol to remove most of the water and let it dry for a day or so. I am pretty new at cleaning electronics with an ultrasonic cleaner .

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I wouldn't advise doing so since moisture is quite stubborn and will often just rather condense inside the case.

Ideally I would use isopropanol in the ultrasonic bath, but that is a significant fire risk that isn't worth taking.

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