Ipad got wet, screen very dim but fully functional

Hi, I had an extremely unfortunate incident of a zero sugar monster energy can exploding in my backpack while travelling, i dried my ipad off as much as i could but when i arrived at my destination i discovered that the screen was very dim. The face ID also doesnt work. The screen otherwise responds normally, i put it in some rice overnight but i havent had any success so far. Am I done for :(? I really hope it can be fixed

Thank you for anyone who can help!!!

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Sounds like a short in the backlight circuits. The face ID might also be affected by this liquid damage. Hopefully you can open the ipad and it will respond otherwise you need to beg apple to fix it because if the part is dead you won't be able to transfer the info to the replacement part.

If you want a challenge fixing the dimness I would advise you to check out this software first if you want to risk doing component level repair yourself. They have a catalog of the schematics for the pcb.



Hi! Thanks for answering. The Ipad is otherwise fully functional and almost usable if i set it to light mode, its just very hard to see (kind of like a gameboy, needs to be used in good lighting) Screen is responsive and theres no visible damage aside from the dimness, should I take it to the apple store you think? Audio plays well too. No distortion in noise or bubbling youd expect from trapped liquid


@jason4642 Depends on what you think about trying to fix it yourself. Apple is probably just going to try to get you to upgrade "because it isn't fixable"


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