Touch not responding the right way

since I replaced my broken display on my iPad Pro 11 3. Gen. I get weird touch response when I'm trying to use the screen.
It seems that the X/Y-Axis is moved to the top of the screen. For example: If i touch the screen on the upper left side, the screen acts like I'm pressing it in the middle of the screen. I already replaced the flex cables but i can't get it to work. Is there something I'm missing? could it be, that my logicboard is not working right, or that i simple didn't connect the cables right? I'm grateful for any help :)

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What type of display did you use? Depending on type it might be a software lock from apple


Hi @markusnorstroem,

I bought a Display from Wigento

How could I unlock this if it's a Software lock?


@nerdcel Either beg apple to fix it or try to get the info from the original screen with a tool like this for your device.


Hm, I should have mentioned that even my old screen does this behavior now and I think it's something with the touch-ic or maybe the logic board.

Either way, i guess I have to go to a certified repairshop and let them have a look at it, if they do it after I messed it up :(


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