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Activasion code lock locked how to do then?

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Hey. i just bought an iphone 11. But when it came its Locked to Apple id and a code needed. And the owner doesnt answer me and blocked me. i have try to dealet everything and dfu and so on. Activate locked it says what can i do? =/

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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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Here you have pictures. Or do i need to cal the cops or what do i do?


@markus33990 there is absolutely nothing that you can do. You have been duped and not sure how or where you bought it, so you can try and get your money back that way. Unlikely that Law enforcement is going to touch this. They may file a report but you are not getting your money back through that. It'll be a civil issue. If you used a CC or bank card for the payment you can try and file it with your bank otherwise consider it money spend on some tough education.


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Really nothing you can do. You can try sketchy sites and jailbreak the device if you want to, but I would call it a loss.

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