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Explore the repair and additional information for the 2016 Whirlpool WRF555SDF***, a freestanding refrigerator without built-in ice maker or dispenser, known for its automatic defrost system. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern WRF555SDF***.

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My ice maker isn't making ice, temp too high but freezer okay

Model number WRF555SDFZ09, french door style. (like in this video

Ice maker isn't making ice, the temperature inside the ice maker (located in the upper left corner of the fridge) is between 15-25f, but the fridge temp and the freezer temp are both fine (fridge 37f, freezer -2f).

Not really sure what to do with it. I'm not mechanical, but we are super strapped financially.

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Hi @danielpears9214

Here's the tech sheet for the model that will help.

Run service diagnostic mode Test #36 (Ice box fan) and Test # 37 (Ice box thermistor) as described by the guide and check if they are both OK.

If either one is not OK if you have a DMM (digital multimeter) you can check if they're getting power OK from the control board - see voltage table on p.2 for connector pin location on plug connector P8

Also verify that the lights turn off in the refrigerator compartment by manually operating the door switch with the door open, to simulate that the door is closed. The ice maker won't work if the control board thinks that the door is open and the only way it knows this is via the door switch. If the lights do turn off, then it still could be a faulty switch however, so you may have to test it electrically to know for sure.

If a part is faulty and needs to be replaced, here's a parts list that is useful.

When you have located the wanted part in the parts diagrams you'll find that the manufacturer's part number is listed with the part. Search online for the part number to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Trying unfollow that's completely unreadable to me. I found the tests you mention but have no idea how to do what they're saying.



Bottom left of p.1 shows how to enter and use diagnostic tests.

The tests themselves shows how to check and/or what the results mean


Ah, cool. I was able to run the tests. Everything is good.

I opened the ice machine to see if I could hear the fan better and found it randomly started making ice again sometime in the middle of the day today. I just heard it drop more and refill again, so it's still working. It didn't work for 3 days. Ghosts in the machine...


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