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Huawei's 2016 flagship smartphone. Features a unibody case and dual rear-camera setup developed in partnership with Leica. Comes in 32/64 GB storage options and six different finishes. Model numbers EVA-L29, EVA-L19, and EVA-L09.

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Why my phone network is not working

The phone network is not working in my phone when I put it in a card.

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Hi! There can be many reasons for this problem but there is some stuff you can do:

First: Remove any special metal protective case if your phone uses one. Metal and magnetic materials can interfere with the signal quality and cases in general can cover the atennas.

Check covrage: In some areas with many tall buildings or other obstructions, the phone signal may be weakened. Carrier coverage can vary, so if your phone’s signal is poor in specific areas, try moving to another location.

Sim mangement: Search for sim mangement in settings and check that the sim haven't been deactivated.

Restart device: I guess you already restarted your phone and toggled airplane mode on and off to restart your cellular connection otherwise that a great way to start.

Clean the simcard:Ensure that the card is clean and placed correctly inside the simcard-tray. Over time, dust & dirt can accumulate on the surface of your SIM card and stop it from working. If you need to clean your simcard use Isopropyl alcohol >70% and a clean soft cloth (microfiber cloth work well). Gently wipe the simcard if its need more deep cleaning you can use a Q-tip (cottons swab) dipped in Isopropyl alcohol.

Clean the slot: Check if the simcard-tray goes all the way in otherwise you can use an air-blower and blow a short burst to not damage any internals.

Reset network settings:

Open Settings, search for and access Reset network settings, and enable Reset network settings.

Note: This will delete all your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection history.

Check for updates: Since this is a device from 2016 it's unlikely that this is the case.

Damaged Device: Check so the atennas- the horizontal stripe on the side of your phone, isn't damaged otherwise you need to replace the atennas.

VPN: Turn off VPN if you have that.

External link: My HUAWEI phone has an unstable or poor signal, or no signal at all

Hope this can help you somewhere!

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