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The PSP E100 is a handheld games console designed by Sony. Also known as the PSP Street, this budget-friendly version of the PlayStation Portable released in October 2011.

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What fuse rating is it for the psp e1000 (psp street) power fuse?

My power fuse got shorted and needs to be changed out for a new one but i cant find what ratings that would go for a new one. I have found people bridging the fuse but that would remove the protection of the fuse which i rather not do.

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@choukosenpai yes, never a good idea to apply jumpers. Replace the blown fuse with a 5V 2.5A fuse in a what looks like a 0603 package.

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Where would it be ideal to get the 0603 package?


@choukosenpai measure the width and the length of you fuse first so we can make sure it’s a 0603. Depending on where you are try as well as sometimes even places like ebay or aliexpress sell them as sets.


The length is 1.7mm and width is 0.8mm. Im from sweden


@choukosenpai perfect. That is a 0603 package (1.5mm x 0.8mm) Farnell as well as Digikey have a Swedish outlet. Not sure about Mouser. Shipping is probably going to be expensive for just a few fuses. You may need to depend on Google to find someone else or even contact your repair cafe's. Those people are usually a wealth of information.


Okay thank you very much!


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