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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 6th generation 12.9" iPad Pro. Released October 18, 2022.

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Is there a replacement part available for the USB-C port?

The USB-C port has been damage as the iPad will not charge anymore but the battery says its OK

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Sorry this is for an iPad Pro 12.9 6th gen


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Hi Zack,

Charging port replacement is pretty hit or miss depending on the random whims of the manufacturer. USB-C ports are great for the flexibility built into them, but that's offset by the difficulty of replacing one on a circuit board, which is much more difficult than any other USB port.

However, it appears you got extremely lucky with regard to your iPad! Yours is built with the charging port attached to a small flex cable that plugs into the motherboard, meaning port replacement consists of swapping out that little flex cable, then you're good to go! I didn't find any written iFixit-style guides for you, but I did run across a decent YouTube video that shows you how it's done.

iPad Pro 12.9 6th. Gen 2022 - A2436 USB-C Charging Port Replacement 📱 - YouTube

The only criticism I have of this video is that they were very terse in their description of how to detach the screen from the frame; they basically just show their technician opening up a single edge razor blade, then magically it's open, so you might want to look into whether there's anything more you need to know about that process.

Other than that, you just have to disconnect the battery, take off a shield and there's the connector. Outside of separating the screen, looks like an easy repair, all in all. As for the part itself, look around at sites like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress to start with; apparently they come in white or black to match your case, but in practice either color will work fine and won't be particularly noticeable even if it doesn't match. Here's one I came across on my admittedly cursory search.

For Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 6th Gen 2022 A2436 A2437 A2764 A2766 USB Charger Port Dock Connector Plug Charging Flex Cable - AliExpress

Be sure to use the model number to verify compatibility.

So there you go; that's hopefully all you need to get your iPad working again. Take lots of pictures as you work, then you can use them to create your own iFixit guide to that repair for those who come after you with the same issue. It's easy, fun, and will earn you the respect of the iFixit community!

Create a new Guide - iFixit

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Yes there is: Ik heb net dit geweldige item op AliExpress gevonden. Bekijk het nu! €5,83 6% Off | Usb Oplader Dock Connector Voor Ipad Pro 12.9 6th 2022 A2436 A2437 A2764 A2766/11 4th A2759 A2435 A2761 Oplaadpoort Flex Kabel

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