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1.83 GHz Core Duo or 1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo A1208 (EMC 2104/2110/2114/2124)

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No LCD after replacing Hard Drive

So after the mess of replacing a hard drive and reassembling I have found that the LCD will not power on. It seems like it is not getting power but I have checked the inverted plug and it is connected. Any ideas? Also I've noticed the LED603 indicator bellow the battery is not lit, anyone know what this is for?

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Why did you replace the hard drive? What was happening before you replaced it? Are the 601 and 602 lights bright? What happens when you try to start up? Have you tried starting from the CD drive? Do you get any flashing lights? Do you get a chime on start up?

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The hard drive crashed on it, it would boot up but not load, and when trying to repair via disk utility it would not and when trying to reinstall the install would just freeze. The 601 and 602 lights are bright. I hear no audio on startup but then bottom right Led does light up. When starting up I can hear everything power on but the lcd just stays blank, not even a dim light.


and no faint image of the desktop ? Did you try to connect an external monitor ?


On the LED lights, the first indicates that the machine is receiving power at all. The second (when pushing the power button) indicates whether or not the logic board is receiving power from the power supply. The third indicates whether or not the display is communicating with the logic board.

Recheck, plug and unplug all the connectors to the display. Lemerise is right, hook up an external monitor to test your graphics chip.


So Ive tried connecting to an external monitor (My Tv from a DVI to svideo adapter) TV shows no signal. In installing the HD, I did not notice the bracket to remove the hard drive and thought the logic board must be removed. Shortly after I realized that it did not and replugged everything in, and have double checked all plugs. There is one part where I put where I remembered going back but I could be mistaken. The links below contain pictures of the inside and the peice I am not sure about. Thank you guys so much for the help so far.

The piece I am not sure about:

The current setup minus the lcd being connected:

Also a side note as well, when replacing the HD I did not used a standard apple HD, instead a 500GB WD Cavalier which said it was compatible with mac. Not sure if that would make a difference or not but just trying to get as much info as I can out there.


I don't think you can hook up to a TV successfully. You need an external computer monitor. I just realized that your new hard drive has probably not been formated. Insert the Install disk in the CD drive and try starting up holding down the "C" key. The WD drive should be fine.


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Is anybody can tell me what's led603 mean ?

601 - machine power at all

602 - logic board is receiving power

604 - display communicating with logic board

603 - ???

I have problem with 24" iMac - he's start, but without any sound

on usb ports - no power

display is black of course

led 601,602,604 is lighting but 603 isn't

logic board or power supply (i guess) ?

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Kongiss- Please start a new topic.


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603 is "LCD_SHOULD_BE_ON" according to m38 schematic.

Hope this helps!

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