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Repair and disassembly information for HP Pavilion 15 Laptop PCs, specifically 15-eh models. The HP 15-eh is a laptop series designed for on-the-go productivity, featuring 15.6-inch displays, AMD processors, DDR4 memory, and solid-state storage. Identified by model numbers starting with 15-eh.

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Need help with cracked screen on 15-eh model

I have a replacement screen for my specific model and I need a guide of some sort to help with replacing it as there are no guide for the 15-eh for screen replacment.

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It would help to know the full model number, since there may be some variance here, but the full service guide from HP can be found at HP's support site.

The link to the guide for the 15-eh0000 is

You should be able to scroll through to find the display instructions. Just note all the prerequisite steps. Unlike iFixit, HP will not show you a start to finish process, just reference the steps that need to be done before replacing the part in question.

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The model s 15-eh0050wh, thank you for your help.


@dylanblackshell Maybe a wm instead of wh? Conveniently, the 0050wm uses the same service manual I already linked! My guess is it's just minor variation to the specs. But this underlying layout is identical.


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