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The Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved-screen variant of Samsung's 2016 flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. Announced February 2016 and released on March 11. Model SM-G935.

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S7 Edge NFC Issue after Battery replacement


Long story short, been at a store for battery replacement of my Samsung S7 edge, then NFC is not working since.

I've been back at the store and the guy put the phone on a wireless charger and the phone starts charging therefore the NFC should work since it's on the same module.
Sent a mail to Samsung who send me to a certified repair store where the guy told me (after reacting like it was the first time he was hearing about this phone model) that maybe, and without linspecting it that it was a motherboard issue, circuit burning or something, we should try changing it and MAYBE that'll work.

So now, I got the phone open in front of me and having a look around. I was ready to order an NFC antenna/Charging coil module but then I notice that some areas on it are kinda damaged, like pieces of stickers were "intertwined" with also contact point on the back panel as well ( cf picture).

Block Image

Those are the only part that seem damaged, so I'm thinking that it might be it? Therefore I might need a new NFC antenna and another backpanel just to get a clean thing on those sitcker/contact point area.

I'm just doing guesswork at this point and really trying to puzzling this NFC thing out to understand how it actually work for me to fix it, which is why I finally throw a bottle into the sea hoping a Master Wikipedia engineer Phone guru passing by.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Posting if that can help
So ordered a new NFC module and replacing it just worked.
The new one I got though looks more "used" than the original one which looks really pristine and undamaged, so I don't know why how and where did something messed up (might tear it down)
Yet, problem is solved.

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Appreciate you coming on back and letting us know a) that you got it fixed, and b) how you fixed it. Some day down the road you can bet someone else is going to have the same problem and they'll see your question and find out how to make it work again, so thank you for that in advance!


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