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Repair and disassembly information for the fifth-generation 12.9" iPad Pro featuring Apple's M1 SoC and an XDR mini-LED display.

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ipad not turning on or charging for weeks

It's been a few weeks since it randomly died.

The battery was full one day and the next morning it wasn't responding to anything. The battery has never actually emptied literally overnight without being used for me (at least not with this ipad). And yet in the morning when I went to turn it on, it's like it wasn't charged for years. It was around 70% charged the night before.

It would not turn on at all, not even the battery logo.

There isn't any visible damage, it didn't fall or something similar. It simply died in the 8 hours when I was asleep for no reason. Didn't move a centimeter. I've never had problems like this with it.

I've tried many different cables and adapters including the original ones and plugging it to my laptop. I let it charge for days at a time with no response.

It's very important to fix it as it's what i use to draw and all my art is on it.

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Since i haven't touched it in some time i just tried plugging it in and it seems to be charging! Seems i underestimated how long i needed to "let it sit"

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