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Cellular version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1567.

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Can I put an iPad 5 battery into an iPad Air 2?

Hi folks..

I got three iPads lying around with various defects and I'm trying to make a single properly functioning one out of them.

  • The iPad Air 2 LTE (A1567) has a near-dead battery
  • The iPad 5th's (A1822) screen is cracked and loose every which way
  • The iPad 7th (A2197), according to the Apple Store has a dead logic board (won't boot / goes into reboot cycle)

Far as I can tell my options are to either repair/replace 7's board or replace the Air 2's battery.

So I was wondering if the apparently different model battery from the iPad 5 would be okay to fit into the Air 2?

(Sorry if it's an obvious 'no way'. Not an expert by any stretch.)

Many thanks

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Definitely not an obvious no way. The batteries for iPads often use the same connectors.

That being said, you might still be able to get this to a point where you can test, but most of the cross compatibility will be based on the location of the battery connector on the board.

iPad Air 2 battery has the connector closer to the bottom of the board.

iPad 5's battery (and the 7 as well) will be closer to the top edge.

Realistically I would recommend getting the proper battery for the model you want to fix.

The iPad 7 may also be salvageable, Apple's iPad diagnostics in my experience are limited, and I rarely trust their diagnosis fully. Call me a skeptic, but I will always go into a repair a little distrustful of whatever a previous technician may have said. They may well be correct, but even this could be a battery issue (it could be more as well, but I wouldn't say for sure it's the board just based on Apple's word.

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Thanks for the elaborate response!

In the end I think you're right, trying to fit different connector spots etc doesn't seem worth it.

As long as I'm picking among the three, I'd go with the iPad 7 (belonged to me anyway). Also you're spot on about Apple staff— I don't think I was dealing with 'geniuses' exactly lol.

They told me all they could do was hook it up to a macbook and try recovery. I was like, 'Already did that. Recovery image downloads alright but once it restarts to install it, the iPad goes straight back into the endless boot loop.'

They were like 'That means the board died, and we don't repair those.'

Awesome detective work huh :)

Anyways, could I realistically diagnose the issue given I'm a total repair noob? Are there ways for that (that Apple isn't willing to bother)?


@numetalkid Troubleshooting is at least 50% common sense and ability to reason logically. Take that for what you will. But being a noob doesn't necessarily mean it's out of your skillset.

Do you know what error message you get when you try to restore the iPad 7? I expect there was one if it's trying to restore and then failing.


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