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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released October 2015. Model 1703.

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Phantom touch on new ifixit display

Thanks to ifixit's teardown instructions and tools, I just replaced the screen on my Surface book 1 and it went well. I even took the rare opportunity to install a 1tb nvme. Maybe it's because I'm mentally deficient, but I ordered the adhesive strips late and decided to do the repair and leave the device open for the weekend after repair. This gave me the chance to test the repair in a condition which allows me to easily get behind the display if I need to, and I needed to because the display I bought from ifixit has phantom touch constantly on maybe 1 pixel. I don't know what to do to sort it out, or if I need another display. I'd certainly rather deal with it before I lay down the adhesive.

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@mikeschader On this forum you will find mostly volunteers and we are not directly connected to iFixit, the business. It could be the display and I would contact iFixit directly at and see what they will tell you. You know they are going to make it right as rain!

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