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The Aspire 3 A315 is a repairable laptop by Acer.

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Why UEFI only and have no legacy boot?

When i opened my laptop only show no bootable device. When i check the bios is only UEFI and haven't Legacy Boot?

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Have you tried disabling "Secure boot"?


this is due to having Secure Boot. Or your BIOS dont like Legacy boot


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This may be because you have Secure Boot, or your BIOS does not support Legacy. It's more likely that Secure Boot is turned on which you will find by entering the BIOS menu. In the Boot menu of the BIOS, you will see Boot Mode: [UEFI]. If you try pushing enter if it doesn't show anything other than UEFI, turn off Secure Boot which is right below it. Then try changing it.

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