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Apple's top-of-the-line smartphone for 2021. Released September 24th, the iPhone 13 Pro Max sports a 6.7" ProMotion OLED display, a new triple rear camera system, and 5G connectivity. Successor to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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Why is my phone restarting every 5-8 minutes?

I have no idea how to read this but this is what it says in the panic log . Can anyone please give me any information on how to fix it . The back of the phone is beaten badly but the front is fine camera is fine and so is the mic and the charging works too-

"build" : "iPhone OS 16.1.1 (20B101)",

"product": "iPhone14,3",

"socld" : "0x00008110",

"kernel" : "Darwin Kernel Version 22.1.0: Thu Oct 6 19:34:09 PDT 2022; root:xnu-8792.42.7~1/RELEASE_ARM64_Т8110",

"incident" : "544F7F14-16E9-4322-B8D3-57448981E4EC",

"crashReporterKey" : "3960bf5dd85048ba97a90dfOb723eecfab98a588",

"date": "2024-05-02 14:09:03.44 -0700",

"panicString": "panic(cpu 0 caller Oxfffffff030092edc): SMC PANIC - ASSERTION FAILED: target\d64V/target.cpp:263: 0, SMC BSC failure, spreadsheet ver (*10)

190\nS.sensor array 0 - 6 is 0x0, 0x800, OxO, OxO, OxO, 0x0, 0x0\nF.sensor array 0 is

0x0\n|n - Misc(2) OUTBOX1 not ready\nASSERTION FAILED: target\/d64V

target.cpp:263: 0, SMC BSC failure, spreadsheet ver (*10) 190\nS.sensor array 0 - 6 is OxO, 0x800, 0X0, OxO, OXO, OXO, OxO|nF.sensor array 0 is OxO|n|n\nRTKit:

RTKit-2062.40.13.release - Client: AppleSMCFirmware-3396.42.3.d64.RELIn!UUID:

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The "0x800" in the panicString is indicating that there is a problem with the charging port assembly.

These types of panics reboot the phone after 3 minutes, explaining the restarts.

iPhone Kernel Panics

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Thank you so much man I was really lost


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I second @viscous' opinion that you'll need to change out the charging port flex cable assembly. There's a sensor on it that has failed and replacing the assembly will almost certainly fix the problem. Sorry to say iFixit doesn't have a guide for that repair (at least not yet), but the Spanish site Nadie Me Llama Gallina has just what you need. No worries if you don't speak Spanish; if you use it with the Chrome browser's translation feature it's quite usable and well done.

Manuals / Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max / Charging Flex

You can support iFixit's repair efforts by purchasing the part right here on their website if you want.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Lightning Connector Assembly

For those more budget constrained, you can also purchase this part on the major sites like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress, among others. Here's an example that came up on my admittedly cursory search. YWLRONG Dock Connector for iPhone 13 Pro Max Charging Port Flex Cable Replacement for iPhone 13 Pro Max USB Charger Dock Board Connector with Tools : Cell Phones & Accessories

iPhone 13 Pro Max Lightning Connector Assembly Görseli


iPhone 13 Pro Max Lightning Connector Assembly


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