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How can I get my iPod to charge again?

I have some serious problem here... I think I have a Faulty iPod. It is not the cable, it charges perfectly other iDevices. I have googled my problem so many times that I got tired of looking.

Today, after several months I'm trying to revive it again!

So some of the problems I have is:

-Battery is completely discharged. (Screen doesn't even turn on)

-Faulty connection (By the iPod, not the cable)

-I have tried holding the power and Home button, but it doesn't turn on!

I have sent it to get checked but they told me It could be a problem with the motherboard. However they weren't people from an apple store. Apple stores do not exist in my country/state. I still think it is just dead and could be fixed by properly charging it.

My questions are...

Do I still have a chance on reviving my iPod?

Is there a way to force-charge it?

Ask if you need any details.

I beg you.

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no need to threaten people with violence for making a suggestion..just remember that many people will read your question looking for a solution to their own/similar problem and they may not have tried the power/home button combo.


Agree with polly. So, please clarify:

1. You've already tried to reset the device: is that correct?

2. What else you've done before?

3. How old is your device? The four letters and numbers of your serial number may be helpful.


I'm really sorry... I was a bit of annoyed that time because all the 3. How old is your device? The four letters and numbers of your serial number may be helpful.results told me that thing.

It made me sound ungrateful and like demanding it.


1. Yes I have tried

2. Leaving it plugged all night, (For a week...) but It was obvious it wouldn't turn on that way since it is faulty.

3. It is around 2 years old (Probably a bit more)

4. Ehh... I didn't fully understand the serial number thing :( but here it is, hope it is what you asked; Serial Number is 9C94572Y6K4 // By the way you guys are awesome!


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Alan Pico, how about plug the iPod and hold the power and home buttons. If that fails, take a look in the dock connector and look for any broken, bend, or corroded pins. After that you can disassemble your iPod and use a multimeter to check the voltage on your logic board as well as your battery connection. That way you will know if you are getting enough/any power to the battery.

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That is actually a good idea! Doing it right now, I don't have to open the iPod right?


Sorry Alan, but you will have to open it anyway, to replace the battery. So, when you have it open, take a look at it. Check your voltage and see what you get, subsequently replace the battery. Double check your dock connector, you can do that without taking it apart. It is amazing how much corrosion and debris we can accumulate in there.


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If you have a dead battery then the ipod not only will not charge it also will not turn on. My suggestion is put a new battery in it.

p.s. plug the iPod and hold the power and home buttons

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I'd agree it sounds like a duff battery especially after 3 months of non-use.


I'd agree too. But if the "If you tell me to plug the iPod and hold the power and home buttons I will punch you in the face." and "I have sent it to get checked but they told me It could be a problem with the motherboard. " are what they seem to be, Alan should (I hope) already have tried the first option, and/or sent his device to someone at least able to do a proper troubleshooting, including a reset of the device.

However, I'll be waiting for more details on his part.


I think this could be the solution, It fits my iPod's 'symptoms'


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The weird thing about your issue is that, even if you keep it connected to the cable, it doesn't start. That rules out a simple trouble with a worn out/defective/disconnected battery. If the battery was busted, but the iPod in working order, it should at least power up with the cable.

So, the diagnosis they gave you seems correct: afterall, as you can see in this guide iPod Touch 3rd Generation Logic Board Replacement , the dock connector is soldered on the logic board.

Thus, a preliminary troubleshooting (if you've not any other informations to give) will end to:

1. Damaged Logic Board (the "Mother Board")

2. Broken/Desoldered Dock Connector (the "port" where you connect the cable)

In the latter case, you may read this question

Replacing The Docking Connector

Involving your exact model. And it tells that replacing the Dock is a really hard work.

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This is a really good solution! I beleive it is the second one, the "Broken/Desoldered Dock Connector" one. I'm going to send it to the place they told me that so they replace it.

Thank you!


Well, such operation is not a walk in the park. I hope your tech center is a reputable one.


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My iPod won't turn on or charge and Idk if I should get a new one or not so I need help

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