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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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No charge, Not powering on, not recognized by PC

My Samsung S21 was acting a little funny the last week until it finally went into a reboot loop for a few minutes then just straight up died. I only noticed because my Samsung watch was buzzing when it disconnected so I pulled the phone out of my pocket and saw it trying to restart. It did this several times and then refused to turn back on. It won't charge by cable, it won't connect to a PC, and it briefly showed the circle with a lightning bolt with a wireless charge but now it's not even doing that.

I tried opening it up to see if there was any moisture in it (I sometimes wipe my phones off with a damp cloth) and saw nothing. I let it sit under a fan overnight just in case, still nothing. Checked the main connections, nothing.

What should I try here first? I am already buying another phone I just need the data off of this one, but I can't even get it to connect to my PC. There is no visible water or debris in the charge port and I've tried several cables.

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Did you plug in the phone into a wall outlet?


Yes. Tried different chargers and everything.


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If you have a multimeter I'd start with checking the battery, It could have dropped too low causing the phone to behave weirdly and eventually not even show signs of life. In this case the phone doesn't allow charging to occur to protect the battery from damage. The battery is bad if the voltage is lower than around 3.3v or there is no voltage present. If this is the case you could try getting it up and running by giving it a boost using a bench power supply until it starts accepting a charge using your normal cable, but only do this If you know what you're doing as it could be dangerous, alternatively simply buy a replacement battery. If the data on your phone is crucial then I wouldn't suggest doing this without at least some experience, but give it a shot If your comfortable doing so!

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I have quite a bit of electronic experience and I'm comfortable doing this, I just wasn't sure because I haven't worked on phones specifically, but I've done a lot of laptops and desktop repairs. If that's the case I suppose that makes sense as it was showing signs of battery issues. Where are the test points on the battery? I opened it up to make sure there was no moisture but I did not remove the battery yet. If that's the case I'll just try throwing in a new battery. Where is a good place to get only the battery? I'd prefer name brand as I do want to keep using the phone for other purposes.


disconnect the battery from the phone first then probe it's connector from there and check it's voltage. If the battery is the issue, your only choice is aftermarket parts. You won't be able to source genuine Samsung parts or if you do they won't be new as Samsung doesn't sell parts. You can find good aftermarket parts on the ifixit shop.


@stuig Battery has 3.8v. Power switch seems to work. I was able to get it to power on randomly for about 10 minutes but it keeps powering back off.


While messing around with it, I had the wireless charging element disconnected and now it just seems to work normally. I'm guessing that maybe it shorted out.


@jjj23355 That is a possibility, let us know if it starts misbehaving again!


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