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A mid-range smartphone from Samsung released in 2019.

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Where does this mystery part belong?

After disassembling my Samsung A50 and an otherwise successful repair, I have this small rubber part that came from somewhere but I cannot figure out where it fits!

It is a small T-shaped piece of rubber with two holes in the top. Is it important? Where does it go?!

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Looks like the rubber piece that goes between the mainboard and the front glass to seal the proximity and brightness sensor on the mainboard. Here it is in a teardown video I found.

Block Image

And the corresponding sensors on the main board, circled in red:

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I really don't think it's worth re-opening the phone to place it back in, unless you notice any issues with proximity sensor which I believe is used to know when the phone is up against your ear taking calls to black out the screen, or the brightness sensor used to adjust screen brightness automatically. But I doubt there will be any issues without it

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This was absolutely it, thanks! Just under the main board was a cut-out where it fit perfectly, I'd overlooked it. The phone is back together and working fine. Thanks for your help!


@mattj94811 No worries!


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