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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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Very faint ghost like picture on screen

MB Air A1466 2014 Suddenly has a very faint display as though the brightness is turned down to the near maximum. Tried all the resets etc....

Powers Up, Chimes, cannot barely see anything, able to log in, luckily a video was playing and there is sound and I can control the volume, positive the KB is working fine otherwise I couldn't enter any PW or control the volume etc.

Last thing I was doing on it was playing a video on repeat to drain the battery for a re-calibration, had the screen closed with the unit in sleep and charged it till it had a green light on the charger (Full charge). Powered it up, and heard a chime but noticed a very faint ghost like apple logo, waited a minute, entered PW and the video started playing with sound but a ghost like picture.....

Tried reconnecting and replacing the battery and reconnected the screen connection..... computer is functioning in every way apart from this display issue. My guess is the backlight has gone, as the brightness keys have no effect?

Anyone else encountered this before? @danj to confirm my fears.

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I would inspect the logic board for spill damage. The backlight power logic as well as the displays LDVS connection and the display cable is where I would focus in on.

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It was working fine for 2 day since I received it, before that it was sitting in a dry cupboard boxed for more than 6 months. I gently cleaned the connecting cable with some alcohol and all looks good and clean.

I will post an image of the area shortly.


I gave it another good clean up, some more alcohol and a thin plastic to go inside the thin connection gap, gave it some in and outs, connected back up, and guess what, working fine! So maybe it was just some dust got in there :D

@danj I spoke to soon, after the apple logo came the log in screen, then back to black.... it flashes up the apple logo, then it goes off.....

I am going to give it a real thorough clean up, hopefully this was the issue, fingers crossed I won't have yet another good looking piece of silver artwork sitting on the trophy cabinet.... All I can do is wait until another top case comes in and swap it over to see if the problem persists.


@livfe - The displays backlight pins often corrode up on the logic board, I would re-solder the connector with flux.


Yes on a very close inspection the silver pins indeed do look a bit on the grey side.... I guess this will be my 1st attempt at doing what you say, I have northridgefix Ali to give me a guide as he does these repairs all day and I have confidence that I can do it, if not then I know someone who can


The connector is OK, it aopears to be somethimg with the I/C or I/O chip that shows a very low voltage, got somone swapping it over from a 2013 11" ... Will know if that saves it...Update to follow.


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