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This notebook was released on June, 8th 2014. The HP Beats Special Edition features a touch screen and speakers made by Beats by Dre.

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Why won’t my battery stay charged?

the laptop has to be plugged in to even turn on. Then a message pops up that says my battery is old and it won’t charge, however it stays on bc of the plug. Well I bought the exact same brand new battery yesterday and it’s still doing the same thing. What do I need to fix?

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Depends on if the "new" battery was actually new or not. It could also be the charge controller. I had one battery where it refused to charge while the system was on, but with the laptop turned fully off, but left plugged in overnight, it did get enough charge in it that it didn't have any issues finishing the charge while on.

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@justinrobe87626 measure the voltage on your battery connector. measure without the computer being plugged in and then with it plugged in. The voltage will have to increase with the ac adapter connected. If it does not, then check the power supply as well as teh port controller etc. Make sure that you have power going to the charge circuit. This could be an issue with the charging circuitry. You can also check the amperage and see how many amps your computer pulls when you plug it in.

Your laptops motherboard should be a DAAY21AMB6D0 but double check on that. Once you can confirm the board number we can try to work through the schematics

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