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Is It Worth Fixing?

Hello, I have a Gen1 MobileStudio Pro 13 that I bought in 2017. I did have to get the battery and screen replaced a few years after while it was under warranty. However, the battery has started swelling recently, and it’s very worrying. It’s no longer under warranty and it’s too expensive to go through Wacom to fix. I’m kind of scared of using a heat gun in order to disassemble it as I’m not sure if that will make the battery worse. I also have to mention that the SSD has also been slowing down more in the last few years and has become sluggish, which makes me wonder if it’s beginning to fail. I'm wondering if it’s worth fixing it myself, or replacing it with a newer model or a comparable Windows-based tablet computer?

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Battery swelling seems to be a common problem among these MobileStudios 13s, you could replace the battery but looking online they seem to cost anywhere from $90-$100 USD, if you do feel like going through with the battery repair, as long as you keep the battery level below 10% and take care not to puncture it, you should be fine.

It is totally your call if you feel that it is out of it's prime. $100 is a lot (in my opinion) for a tablet that is 7 years old and actively failing. But again it is totally your choice to make.

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Yeah, this is something I'm debating right now due to the age of the tablet. It's either attempt to fix or get a replacement, or at least a "like new" MobileStudio Pro and hope that it's going to work well.


@josh28395 If you make the desicion to repair we will be right here to help you

Have fun fixing!


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