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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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Screen Replacement for S21 5G (CA)

Canada Samsung S21 5G vs USA S21 5G version

Any different? Thanks

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@taile72659 The S21 5g is SM-G991U for the USA model; SM-G991U1 for the USA unlocked model; SM-G991W is the model number for Canada. Now, let's find out if the SM-G991W is compatible with the U model. My parts list says yes, they are compatible. Anyhow, I would always clarify with the seller to ensure compatibility.

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Of course it depends. If I know the part works, I will go off of the part number and not worry about what it came from before it was pulled or do the pull myself (Ex: If I have a factory unlocked S23 but I get one from AT&T with a finance lock or blacklist with a matching screen, I'll buy the blacklisted phone and pull what I need). As long as the part number is the same (as is the case with most modern Samsung screens after Verizon and Sprint stopped being weird and getting special parts made for them) you can probably get away with it.

Would I recommend that method to a beginner? Ehh maybe not, probably best to ask. I know what you can get away with, so I know if someone will take cash for a blacklisted carrier locked phone so I can fix my factory unlocked (read: CANNOT BE LOCKED) SKU I'll buy the blacklisted phone if it's cheaper. I did this to fix my 6a with a T-Mo locked phone with a supposed finance issue (seller assumed), it was clean so I paid T-Mo to unlock it.


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