Is it possible to boot Windows from the SDXC Card slot?

I have some MacBook Airs 2014-2017 and they all have the SDXC card slot, these have 121 GB SSDs and so limit the disc space for dual system boots.

I know these SSDs can be upgraded with adapters BUT I have some of these Transcend JetDrives at hand and am wondering if it is indeed possible to boot into Windows from them even though it will very VERY slow compared to regular method.

I have a full license for Win2USB but no windows system available for now to try a test run. I have searched some topics about this but they are quite old and things change and more things become possible, curious to know if anyone out there has tried this or if indeed it is possible. Cheers in advance for any input.

IF not then I guess the best use for them is to format them to ExDAT so both windows and mac systems can read and write to them, leaving the internal storage only for the operating systems.

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