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Mac ADC to DVI Adapter Power Failure - Repair?

For the old ADC Cinema Displays to work with many computers there is an adapter. Apple no longer sells them, and they are expensive. What happens about every 2 years is the power supplies go dead. I would like to know if anyone has repaired these by:

1. Replacing the blown component, or, my first choice,

2. Has anyone tapped in a 24v/5 amp power supply

Thank you so much

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any chance you could post an image of the logic board with the bad component?


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SlotcarBob, take a look at this site. It will provide you with a pinout of the adapter as well as give you direction in how to build your own adapter. Including the power supply. hope this helps, good luck.

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Great research to solve a recurring problem. +


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it is best calble to send infor

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