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The Aspire 3 A315 is a repairable laptop by Acer.

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Some keys from my keyboard aren't working properly

The following keys have problems working: 'D'. The following numbers don't even work at all, most of the time I just hold them long enough and they SORT OF work for the time my device remains turned on, once it's off, the issue doens't change much regardless of how long I hold the keys: SIX, EIGHT, NINE. Also F1 and F2 don't work at any instance, they literally do nothing, on top of that, some numbers have become useless like ONE from the right side of the laptop, I forgot the name of this set of keys, but I just use the NumLock key to actually use the numbers that don't work, like 1, 6, 8 and 9. Never had this sort of issue before, not sure why it's even happening since it's a very specific set of keys and such, help would be much apreciated.

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@blazingnet sounds like a bad keyboard. Try a USB keyboard and see if that works. Your keyboard is actually connected via some "molten plastic rivets" to the palmrest. ( top cover of your laptop). There is a way to replace just the keyboard, it's a bit unconventional but should work. Check this video and see if you want to tackle it. Otherwise you have to replace the whole top cover.

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