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Pentium M 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD

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screen blacking after start up

i dug up my old laptop and when i tried to power it on it did turn over but after a few seconds the screen turned black and nothing happend when i tried to move the mouse ext. the fan still turns and some lights still show. suggestions?

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connect an external monitor and see what you get. Can you access the BIOS?


old turkey i do not know how to do eighter of those im still in highschool


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Nothing wrong with that John. Hope you stay in school and study hard. Anyhow, do you remember what operating system was on there? Something like Windows XP or something like that. To access the BIOS "Press the blue Access IBM button when the message "To interrupt normal startup, press the blue Access IBM button" is displayed to enter the ThinkVantage Productivity Center, then select Start setup utility to open the BIOS Setup Utility." Check your setting and see if it displays properly when you are in the BIOS. You can also set your boot devices to the CD and restart your computer with a bootable CD. Do you know how to make a LINUX CD? Check for something like Puppy Linux. When you goole it you can check on their website how to burn a bootable version. Place that in your computer and see if it starts up. This link RIGHT HERE will tell you how to connect an external monitor. See if that makes a difference. Let us know what you get with these steps. Do not hesitate to ask questions or comments to clarify any of these steps.

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are you fimiliar with any beep codes? i turned on the computer and it let off a set of beeps; one long two short


I figured some part of it out! A one long two short beep code sounded so i looked it up and it said that it Indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information.

any ideas?


Here are the beep codes for the Thinkpad:"

Continuous beeping System board failure

One beep; Unreadable, blank or flashing LCD LCD connector problem; LCD backlight inverter failure; video adapter faulty; LCD assembly faulty; System board failure; power supply failure

One beep; Message "Unable to access boot source" Boot device failure; system board failure

One long, two short beeps System board failure; Video adapter problem; LCD assembly failure

One long, four short beeps Low battery voltage

One beep every second Low battery voltage

Two short beeps with error codes POST error message

Two short beeps System board failure


Part 2 of comment:-)

again, it appears that it is either your video adapter or LCD assembly. you can rule those out, or in, by plugging in an external monitor. If it works with an external monitor, it is your LCD assembly. If it does not, it is either your system or video adapter. Since the video adapter is part of the system (motherboard) board you can not replace it separately. There have been problems related to partial desoldering of the Video Chip on IBM/Lenovo T41 machines, which could be resolved by a reflow. Check this video and see if that is something that you could do, with some adult help of course. Start of with an external monitor and go from there.


john, it works best if you do not delete any comments. It will disrupt some of the flow and will make it hard to read :-) you are doing good.


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I had the same problem and found a solution. It seems the dvd rom is not screwed into the laptop, only plugged in. Moving the monitor stresses the point in the laptop where the cd-rom is, causing it to loosen. Then it causes the screen to keep going blank. The solution for me was to pull out the cd-rom. There is a little eject slider next to the cd-rom. First open the cd-rom. Then slide the slider. Then you can simply pull out the cd-rom. Then restart the pc. That fixed it for me. Right now, I'm trying to disable the cd-rom and leave it in. But disabling from device manager did not fix it. God bless you.

In King Jesus,


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je suis ayoub un prebkem de laptop ibm thinkPad T41 error0187 et 0191

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