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What do I do when iTunes wont recognized my iPod nano?

I tried to plug it in to my computer to download a new song but my computer dosent even notice i plugged it in even after 5 minutes. It happened to my mom and when she tried plunging her iPod into my computer this happened now i can't get my songs onto my nano. Please help me my nano has all my fav songs on it and i prefer to listen to it rather then lug around my laptop!

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Do you get any errors on itunes? If you do, please tell them here, if you

don't get any, the iPod could be faulty.


Is your mother's iPod recognized on your computer/iTunes? Have you tried to place it in Disk mode?

" Before placing the iPod into Disk Mode, verify that it has a charge.

Reset the device by pressing the Sleep and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the display turns black. This should take about eight seconds.

When the display turns black, hold down the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons simultaneously until the device enters Disk mode." from here One of the problems that you also might run into is that the libraries got overwritten. iTunes does not like separate iPods and separate libraries....;-)


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I take you've got a copy of your songs in the laptop.

Tell me: does your nano charge when you connect it to the USB cable?

Is the USB cable the original one or a third party spare?

If your Nano doesn't charge, there may be an issue in the cable or the dock connector.

So, try to connect it to a different USB port. Failing that, change the USB cable. Failing that, you should seek technical help.

If your Nano charges fine, but it's just an issue with iTunes, check if its a Windows Machine or an OS X machine.

And what machine has your mother.

See, an iPod Nano set to work with OSX doesn't work with Windows, and viceversa, forcing the user to reformat it again.

If you're in Windows, you may try to reinstall iTunes.

Failing that, check this official guide from Apple

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