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Complete disassembly and installation guides for most iPods, including the iPod Classic, Mini, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch.

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How to connect a audio-device to a iPod-dock?

The other way:

I have got a radio with an iPod-input (no other). I want to connect an other audio-device with an cable to it. I connected the 3 audio-pins from the socket with a cable but it don't work, nothing to hear. The display of the radio only tells "No iPod found".

How can I simulate an iPod to the socket, so the signal "goes through"?

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You'll find multiple interfaces you may be able to use here:

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Fine, Thank You!

But I have the requirement to make it myself ;-)


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it sounds like you already know the iPod dock connector pinout - I've heard that some accessories look for power provided by the iPod on pin 13 of the dock connector to detect it's presence. have you checked that out?

of course there's also the serial accessory protocol used by some dock accessories, but I'm not sure if a radio/speaker dock would use that to detect simple presence of the iPod

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Thats the way it works! When I put the 3.3V on Pin13, the signal goes through. But before I had to connect the GND-pins among themselves, so the radio "noticed" a iPod is connected. Thanks!


I know this is a super old thread, but is the way to fix this simply to solder dock pin 18 to dock pin 13?

TLDR my dock snapped off and I only need it to send the signal to the dock that the ipod is present , even though it is not. Thanks!


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There is a hardware called DockBoss+, which does this job.

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