Flickering jumping Horizontally after awhile also bootup colour issue

hi Recently my g5 20'' 22 Model A1076

has developed a flickering over the whole screen area and jumps, i noticed few months ago that the 3rd of the screen from the top had a noticeable lower luminosity/brightness [like milky greenish]

Q. Re these related or am i looking at a combination of issues,

I have using you tube information inspected the main boards psu logic and cables but couldn't see anything obvious. However i had to clean the fans from clogging fluff and dirt, there seem to be some improvement with the flickering but now its back again, the start-up colors are also naff as it is pink then gradually improves to white.

I have also reseated connectors as a backup.

does anyone have any ideas on this?

ta! chris

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Check the 24 cans (capacitors) on the logic board for swelling and/or corrosion. Also hook it up to an external monitor to help isolate the problem and let us know your results.

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thanks Mayer will check that, however since my question the screen has now gone black, But i do notice that at boot up the usual white screen is displayed first for a sec or 2. I have also inserted the OS and find that the system is actually UP but no display[the dvd is loading and wherring?

any further ideas could it still be the fault you mentioned?


absolutely. check those capacitors


thanks again Mayer, will investigate again and report for others to see


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