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The Motorola DROID 3 is a smartphone by Verizon Wireless running the Android 2.3 operating system by Google.

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need my internal memory photos

Ok, my droid will only stay on for about 10 sec and restart. I have all of my new born baby photos on the phone( no they did not have the sd card in the phone when I bought it so no luck there). So I am hoping I can tear down the phone and use the internal memory chip some how to retrive the photos. Is this possible. There is not enough time to transferr 200 photos to the SD card I got from internal memory. So either I use this option or if there is a data retrieve program that will access the phone when it is rebooting or in sleep mode to get photos I can try that to. Thoughts?

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When you say your phone will only stay on for 10 secs, are you referring to POST boot or PRE boot? Will the phone stay on if you boot straight to the system recovery menu? Im not sure if the stock Droid 3 recovery menu allows for mounting the phone/storage.


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jamie, unless you are very talented and have the right equipment, there is no way to get the information from your memory IC. You can check on here to see what is involved. So, you would have to more possibilities. One is to find out what happened to your phone, two is to send it somewhere for data recovery, which in itself will be very costly. Of course, your pictures must be priceless to you. Try and get in touch with these guys and see what they say. Hope it will work out for you, good luck.

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Thanks everyone, yea basically friend of mine was downloading apps and this started, it reboots sets on the home screen 10 secs the reboots. I have had time to slowley get rid of apps but have not found the cause of this yet. I will try a few more things then looks like I will have to give up for send it to a company to get my info back.


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If your phone can not be opened. There is no way to recover data from it. Sorry, you are out of luck.

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Setting - personal - Factory Reset. Then try it again.

It don't erase your photo data on internal memory unless you checked 'erase.'


oh my.. 10 sec only available.

RSDlite and flashing appropriate firmware of your phone.

The RSDlite don't touch the internal memory of the phone.

You would better find the method at the xda-developer on web.

I probably assume that there will be a software problem about rebooting.

If it has the power problem on H/W, this method doesn't help you.

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If it is a app, and it does sound like it may, try booting in safe mode(holding the OK key down while powering on) that should allow you to remove the bad programs and also copy your data over.

Good luck.

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