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4th Generation Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station (Model Number A1354)

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Airport not responding at all...

Im having this issue with my Airport Extreme base, and its that it would respond to any soft or hard reset. Both failed.

I know that for a hard reset you need to keep holding the reset button while connecting it to the electricity. But it wont respond to this.

I opened to check if the reset button was broken or anything, but i can see that is firmly soldiered to the main board.

The issue is that when connecting it, the front led will go to green, without blinking or anything, just plain green. I tried while having the ethernet cable connected or disconnected.

My computer wont detect any WiFi coming from the Airport Extreme Base.

PS i dont have any valid warranty on the Airport Extreme Base

Block Image

Block Image

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Can you see the base station via the Ethernet connection (directly to your mac or via an Ethernet hub) using the Airport utility program? If you can you should be able to reset it or at least see what your WiFi settings are.

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i haven't checked that..

ill give it a shot and let you know, Thanks!


Ok, this is what happened... i connected the Airport Extreme Base to my MacBook directly via ethernet cable (i tried 2 different cables, just in case... also i confirmed that this cables work properly)

Well after connecting the ethernet on different ports, it wont lit the small led on any of them. And i tried the 4 back ports, and no light from any of them.. i keep pressing the reset button but the front light keeps green without blinking after the resets.

I hope i can make this work again.. since is very expensive :(


Robert - It doesn't sound good here.

If you can't gain access to the base station from the Ethernet side with the AirPort Utility program there is little you can do without opening it up and seeing what is damaged, even then I don't know if it's repairable, Sorry ;-{

The front LED is telling you the Router CPU and it's micro-code are functional, yet you can't gain access to it. That leaves the switch hub side of the unit that has the problem. Given the port LED's aren't lighting up when you connect your MacBook to any of the ports (the WiFi connection is via an internal port). It supports the diagnostic.

Did you get hit by some lightning? or have a power surge? Thats the only thing I could think of that would kill the switch side of the unit. Make sure you have surge suppressors and UPS's on all of your equipment so it doesn't happen again.


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I just bought Apple AE gen 5 from craiglist in Dallas, talked with Apple Support 3 or 4 times and reset for 30 - 60 mins. Went Apple Store today in Dallas for genius app for MacBook Pro and they said it was a hardware issue, I'm self taught tech for a few years and would NOT take that for an answer. Opened the unit up by 5 screws under pad an found the RESET SWITCH BROKEN LOSE FROM CIRCUIT BOARD, shorted out the terminals where the switch was mounted. RESET THE APPLE AIRPORT EXTREME WITHIN 30 SEC. Best $50 dollars I've every spent. DON'T LISTEN TO TECH SUPPORT, EVERYONE SOULD TRY THIS 1ST.

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I'd love to see a step-by-step video.


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A solid green status LED is normal. Unless you used the AirPort Utility to change this LED to blink on activity, it should remain solid and not blinking.

Ref: AirPort base stations: About AirPort base station status lights (LED)

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