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Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Spilled water, Cracked glass, and teardown.

So basically I have 3 topics to air it to you guys.

1) I spilled carbonated drinks on my MBP like 2 months ago, but nothing happened so far. Just two of the keys (Caps Lock and Tabs) sometimes become sticky. But I went to Apple service center yesterday to ask about this and they said to fix this, I have to change to a brand new top case which costs me around $400-$500 and they also said that since I spilled water on it, the water might damage my logic board (motherboard) in future. So my questions for these are ;

i) Should I change the top case since nothing happen to my mac since last 2 months as they said the liquid might damage my logic board (motherboard)?

ii) Is there any way I can 'clean' my sticky keys on the keyboard?

2) I cracked my glass (only the glass, LCD is still ok) a day before I spilled water on my keyboard, bad luck maybe. Do you recommend to fix it under Apple Service or just get any of the OEM screen on eBay or what not and send it to any tech centre and get it done there? And any trusted seller from eBay you can recommend for the glass (only) ? Because Apple might charge me around $800 for the glass+lcd which is almost the price of brand new macbook pro.

3) Is there any teardown tutorial for MBP 13 Late 2011 here in iFixIt I can refer since I only manage to find previous edition than Late 2011 or it will be the same teardown tutorial? And will it void my warranty if I do the teardown on myself? I also need to teardown my macbook since ants are getting attracted with my macbook since I spilled carbonated drinks on my mac. :)

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Teardown is same as macbook pro 13 early 2011 models. you can try with old topcase to clean it properly then use it. if after cleaning working then no need to go to pay for topcase. during teardown you can check the logic board means it effected or not ? You can buy the screen clamp shell from ebay. may be you will get the used one at low price. you can use that and sell the broken one. now its depend upon you to spend alot of money on this or rather to buy the used screen.

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