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The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP. It contains a beefed up processor and graphics, and includes the addition of a second analog stick. It was released February 15, 2012.

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Modify Propietary Sony Card Reader to a MicroSD Reader?

Hello there,

I am wondering. Is there any possible way to swap out the Sony card reader and switch in a MicroSD card reader?

I understand the pinouts are a bit different and shape, but other than that the size in dimension make it seem possible.

Or will the new security on these cards prohibit me from using the MircoSDHC?

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I think that sony is taking advantage of consumers. The price of SD cards could be more affordable. But nope, sony has a proprietary hold on their products. Which is ok but lower your prices on sd cards. Because I will never buy one of these sony sd cards that are ridiculously over priced. No no no.

Sony should allow sd cards with the same transfer speeds. But once placed into the vita, they would need to be formatted to vita. Simple solution. I buy games for my vita. But would like larger sd cards for movies when i go on trips.


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While I agree that piracy is illegal, it is not the reason to blame for Sony using the proprietary card on the Vita. Sony developed their own format long ago and use it with their products where they see fit. Why wouldn't they after spending all the time and money on developing it? They developed that micro card for phones. Almost all Sony cameras use their Memory Stick format except on I believe their DSLR to take advantage of the faster write speeds. Yes piracy killed software sales in the PSP, but that's not the reason the Vita has the M2 card slot. If it were, Sony would have eliminated expandable memory completely. And even then, that doesn't mean pirates won't attack it. Just look at Apple's devices.

You are right though about needing to know component level soldering work and it may still not prove feasible. The best bet IS an adapter.

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A proprietary card for the games, yes. That's completely understandable. Every portable game system ever made has had proprietary game media to prevent piracy and it's understandable. But there is no good reason whatsoever to have proprietary writeable media.

When you take into account the fact that even the card-based games have to install locally, not to mention updates, a shifting focus to the online store, add in patches, DLC, and all the brand new apps that are constantly being released for the Vita (lol, just kidding on that last one)... 8GB is hardly enough for everyday use without having to micromanage your space.

And there's really no reason for the card to be proprietary when you consider the content manager feature and the fact that I can mirror the entire card to my computer, but I can only do it through the Vita USB cable or WiFi, which are both slow as snot.


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This isn't possible. The card is made for the Vita, and Vita only.

Even if you COULD, this would involve SMD soldering. You'd also need the pinout of the Sony card to work with as a base. Considering this was a piracy move you won't find the pinout for the card. It won't happen. You'd also need it to avoid killing the Vita.

I'd also assume there's security measures like encryption in the mix too. This is likely due to the piracy the PSP is well known for. This was one motive for the nonstandard card and from what I read years ago, the main reason.

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Surely by pulling apart the card and some reverse engineering you can find the pinouts.

Also the cards are NOT encrpyted - acvording to tean wololo.


@Eareos Kuso A bit old but yes this was exactly the product I was working on at the time (;

Just to prove a point you can always reverse engineer.


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