Re: Hard Disk access. Putting back the top case

Hi, I just used your tutorial to get to my hard drive in my G4 PowerBook 15 inch Hi-Rez. the tutorial was very useful. I appreciate it being so easily accessible. Now, the problem is when I am PUTTING THEM BACK together. I am having difficulty matching up the position of the top case(incl Keyboard, etc)and especially putting some tabs on the Left side( side with interfaces/Power). I know if I rock the part up high i can get it to go in to the right hole then when i tilt it back down , it snapps out of the position. Any good tip on how to go about doing this in a bt more simple manner? please let me know It would help a bunch



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I've put about 50 of these back together. Hold at 45 degree angle and put the end closest to the latch in first and slowly lower into position. watch as the sides go in. the top has a couple of tabs that have to be watched and may require a very little lateral pressure to get them in place and then snap shut. Just take your time and don't do it in bad light or when you're tired.

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1.67 GHz (High-Res) Repair

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