1.83 GHz Core Duo or 1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo A1208 (EMC 2104/2110/2114/2124)

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LCD Screen Has vertical lines Can I bypass screen for external Monitor

I have a iMac Intel 17in 1.8GHz with isight camera. This is the one where the LCD screens developed the vertical lines and the replacement screen is about $350.

So here is my question Can the screen be disconnected from the computer and the wiring to it arranged to to an external monitor connection. like the one that is already on the back of the unit? So now we would have the standard built in second monitor port of mini and a pigtail to connect a VGA monitor.

This would allow for a the new external screen to be setup and controlled as if the original screen was replaced by a regular monitor and a second monitor plugged into the second monitor outlet.

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Are you using the the external monitor connection on the back?

I have the same 17" model w/ the exact same problem. I'm ready to plug a nice external into the Mac, place it in front of the 17", and use it that way, but,.. would rather keep the external monitor for a 2nd monitor on one of the better (newer) mac's we have.

So, I'm wondering if the monitor from an older iMAc G5 17" that works fine, would work:

Can the 17" G5 be installed; will it fit, and work normally?

Also, do you understand <machead3>'s answer? I didn't, but also wouldn't particularly like a wire hanging out of the mac. Much cleaner I thought w/b to just plug in a good external in the normal way and use "mirroring"


If the lines are coming from the GPU / VGC they will be on both the internal and external displays… replacing the logic board is the only answer (probably not cost effective). If the GPU/VGC is ok an external monitor will work fine.

if the manufacturers part numbers on the LCD are the same they will swap - provided the LCD is the fault not the GPU.


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If the artefacts are not coming from the VGC yes. You'll know for sure once you connect.

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