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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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MacBook screen turns white, not freezing, tilting screen fixes it

Seems there is something going on with my macbook (6.1) screen.

The macbook itself does not freeze or anything but the screen starts turning white, I can hear sound and everything just can't do anything until I tilt the screen either back or forward a bit which then returns the screen to perfectly normal.

Any idea what exactly is going on here? I have attached a couple of images, the screen starts slowly then fades itself completely to all being white.

Tilting the screen back and forth does it again, then I just have to keep moving it until I almost catch some sort of sweet spot where it wont do it.

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There's a number of possible reasons see this similar Question. Since moving the display which moves the cables I'm leaning toward a nicked, damaged or loose display data cable. Connecting it to an external monitor would rule out any logic board or VGC(VPU) problem if the monitor stays steady as the laptop acts up.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Next time I will try and see if i can connect it to another monitor to observe the issue.

I found online that the LVDS cable is highly the cause of this? The reason I am starting to believe this is what it is also is that in order to remedy the issue I just have to tilt the screen.

Any idea which end of the cable has a higher chance of being the culprit? I would hate to have to dig into the back of the display.


Hopefully the display data cable is not nicked, just loose. I don't think the bluetooth or airport cables would cause this.


Perfect thanks for the reply.

I will open up the display and investigate the cable to see if it's lose on any end. And see if there is any issues with the cable itself while at it.


Esad, can your please post your solution? If it worked.

I have the exact same problem. Today the guy from a macrepair shop told me I should replace the whole lcd screen. But I also think it's a cable problem.


I have not had a chance to tear into the back of the actual LCD to look at the end of the cable. I did take the bottom cover off and investigate the end that connects to the logic board, I was hoping to remove the cable but was not able to remove the 'thin metal' clip that release the cable and try and reseat it. Unforunately I do not have a VGA adapter either for the mac so I can't really test the external monitor idea to see what it is. Have you got anywheres with yours?


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Use your right finger to pull the screen right top edge towards you and use left finger and push the left top edge further from you.

Do not over pull or push.

Perform this a couple of times and it has solve my problem permanently.

If it does not work, do the other way around. Right edge further from you and left edge towards you.

My display is slowly fading to white. Why?

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this "solution" only works for a while. Then it takes more and more pushing and pulling and you have to fiddle with it EVERY TIME you want to use it.


Thank you sooooo much, it worked for now. Was just going to go out and buy another Mac. For now, this has saved me some money


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Fixed the issue, turns out it was the panel itself the entire time not cable.

Ordered the LCD from ~85$ shipped. Installed and it runs flawlessly.

Thanks for all the help.

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This seems like a problem with the display cables, they could be nicked or ripped.

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