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How do I put door back on Whirlpool RF350BXEW self-cleaning range?

Whirlpool Self-Cleaning slide-in electric range, Model RF350BXEW

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Marilyn, the instructions from here may help you out. :"Instructions

1 Use pliers and pull the left hinge out and down, as the hinge would move when opening the oven door. Look for the hole on the rounded tab in the top center of the hinge. Whirlpool service men insert a special pin in this hole to keep the hinge open.

2 Insert a nail into the hole to hold the hinge in the "open" position.

3 Repeat for the hinge on the left side. Slide the door onto the open hinges.

4 Pull the door down, removing the pressure from the nails. Remove the nails from the holes in the hinges.

5 Close the oven door.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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