How to replace an xbox 360 wireless controller 3D analog sensor

My right analog stick is messed up beyond belief so I'd much rather replace the 3d instead of buying a whole new controller. I know I have to de-solder the 3d from the back of the board, but I'm not exactly sure of all the points that need to be done, so my question is as follows:

Can someone give me a little pictorial on which points I need to un-solder and how to correctly install the new 3d?

the link for the replacement 3d:

I have a CG board (not CG2)

Thanks in advance

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thomas peck, use this as a general guide. All you need to do, is to unsolder the connector and solder the new joystick in place. It should be a straight forward repair. Of course, you'll need a soldering iron, a desoldering wick (or solder sucker, flux and solder to repair the joystick...Hope this helps,

Block Image

good luck

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Thanks! I managed to remove it and install the new one thanks to this! Do you think you could make one of the left stick as well? That would be much appreciated.


You are welcome, let me see about the left one:)


Thomas Peck, could not post images since I am at work, but here is everything you need to know about replacing the Left joystick.


Thanks a ton! I was able to use that guide to successfully replace my right analog stick! You've been help and a half, thanks oldturkey :)


Thomas Peck, you are very welcome:-) and the Zombies on Black Ops better watch out for you...:)


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