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Cut the Cord is a full service technology repair shop. We can and will fix just about anything with circuitry, but our focus is on mobile devices. Established as a certified LLC in the state of Oklahoma since May, 2014 and have a web address at, but my site is undergoing a remodel and host switch.

We will work with our clients to get their fix done. If money is tight, contact us and we can discuss fair terms that we can all live with. We will never turn an earnest person down, if they're willing to work out a payment schedule, or we may offer credit in exchange for unused or damaged devices they own outright.

Typically anything with a touchscreen, we can give a little something for in credit.

Ultimately, don't let your resources, or lack thereof, be the reason you suffer with a less than fully functioning phone. In our experience, these customers become our biggest fans, spreading the word not only about the quality of our work, but about the things we do that separate us such as payment plans, multi-device discounts, and loaner devices.

After polling prospective clients, we kept hearing the number one reason folks were enduring cracked screens and other damage, outside of finances, or simply paying big bucks on a brand new device mid-contract, was the necessity of possessing their device 24/7. Thus we developed a loaner program, to ensure our valuable customers never go without a quality phone. We loan at minimum an iPhone 4S for Apple users; and for those who prefer Andriod, we loan Samsung Galaxy 4's, LG G Stylo's and others that don't sacrifice essential features.

Finally we do have a thriving resale division and if you just want to move on from a broken device, come get some cash for it. We pay more than Apple or anyone else that will give credit, and we keep a close eye on Pawn prices, as we like to be at least 15% above the going pawn rate.

Please reach out, if you're anywhere in the state of Oklahoma!