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Remote Control

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Battery Covers

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Battery Cover (Remote)

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Front Axle

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Tires and Screws



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PH00 Screwdriver




If you are having difficulties with the Carrera Mario Kart 8 Peach, please refer to the troubleshooting page.


Background and Identification


The Carrera Mario Kart 8 Peach can be identified by the model number: 370200999. The model number is located on the bottom side of the car on the axle. It is a 2.4 GHz battery powered RC car made by Carrera which has a run time of 20 minutes and batteries included.


The Carrera Mario Kart 8 Peach is one of three versions of the Carrera RC Mario Kart 8 series, which also includes a Mario and Yoshi edition. It comes with a 2.4 GHz controller with a fixed frequency, so no calibrating has to be done with the vehicle before controlling it.


Additional Information

Assembly and Operating Instructions:

Owner's Manual

Common Problems with RC Cars:

Common Problems

Other Guide for Troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting Guide

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