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If you are having technical difficulties with your mouse, take a look at the Engage Optical Mouse Troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Engage optical mouse is a wired, four button mouse. The category "optical mouse" signifies that it uses an LED to shine light at the underlying surface and then uses a photo diode to detect the reflected light. There are two elongated buttons on the side of the mouse, as well as one square button on top (all silver in color), in addition to the left and right click buttons. There is a scroll wheel on the top of the mouse as well, which is blue-gray in color and textured for easy grip. The scroll wheel also functions as a button, if pressed downwards. The mouse is compatible with either PC or Mac systems, and the shape of the mouse is molded for a comfortable fit in the right hand. The mouse functions best if it is kept clean and the correct mouse pad surface is used. By mouse standards it is rather basic, but it will perform most necessary functions for the average computer user.

This mouse is distributed mainly by OfficeMax as a relatively cheap solution to navigating the computer. The mouse is no longer available on the OfficeMax website, meaning it is most likely discontinued. However, it is very generic, and many other mice may contain identical parts that could be used for replacement. OfficeMax may still offer the product for sale in-store, and other suppliers may carry it as well. For reviews of this mouse, please view the OfficeMax site.

For identification, please view the bottom exterior of the mouse. The words "Engage Optical Mouse" should be printed on the bottom along with the electrical rating and serial number. The mouse should have a wire connecting it to the USB, as there is a wireless option as well that this device page does not cover. Several color options are available (black, blue, etc.) but all internal features should be identical.

Additional Information

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