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For additional help, check out the Kenwood KDC-BT565U Troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The KDC-BT565U, made by the Kenwood Corporation, was released on November 30, 2015, as a standalone CD receiver for cars.

The device can be identified by the product name in the top left corner of the receiver's front face. The name is printed in white on the CD insert cover.

The KDC-BT565U is a car entertainment system that can be installed to replace the car's stock system. The product provides standard features such as radio tuning, and CD playback, but also comes with more modern functionality such as iPhone app integration (Pandora, iHeartRadio), satellite radio, smartphone compatibility, and Bluetooth hands-free operation.

The receiver's features include:

  • AM/FM Tuner
  • CD reader
  • USB storage device reader
  • Android and iPhone compatibility
  • Bluetooth built-in
  • Pandora and iHeartRadio iPhone app compatibility
  • Sirius/XM availability

Major components of the device include:

  • Face plate (main interface, includes screen and buttons)
  • CD reader
  • Microphone

Known problems:

  • This device has numerous counts of owners having problems with Bluetooth connectivity.

Additional Information

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